Battle Stormer Classic


Luke Skywalker and Batman, together, in a beat'em up


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Battle Stormer Classic is a 2D fight game starring a varied cast of characters, with most coming from Super Nintendo and Megadrive platform games like Batman, Luke Skywalker, Spawn, Richter Belmont and Robocop.

However, the best thing about Battle Stormer Classic isn´t the ten different characters you can choose from, but the chance to fight against dozens of special bosses from a bunch of other games, including: Aggar from Altered Beast, Minotauro from Castlevania: Dracula X and Darth Vader from Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

The battles in Battle Stormer Classic are similar to other two dimensional beat em ups. Each character has a number of special attacks, for example Luke can use the force, while Richter can summon upon his vampire slaying powers.

Battle Stormer Classic is a 2D beat em up that differenciats itself by offering distinctive characters, a refined control system, and great graphics full of references and winks back to the age of the 16 bit console.
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